About Susannah



Susannah is an aspiring “Lady who Lunches,” who spends most days folding laundry, mowing the lawn, and trying to ignore the sinister calls of bags of M & M’s in the kitchen. After returning from a 9-week solo trip with her two kids to Europe (summer 2011), supported stateside by her husband, she’s got a new perspective on love, parenting, and Prosecco. Before her brain turned to the consistency of the leftover Ramen noodles that she dumps out of her daughter’s thermos every afternoon, she taught eighth grade physical science in Arlington, Virginia.

Fifteen years of wedded bliss have taught her the secret to a happy marriage: expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, Susannah, reports, you’ll find yourself insanely elated at the little day-to-day things like dirty socks actually landing in the laundry basket and waking up to a magically unloaded dishwasher.

Mother to two great kids, Dylan (11) and Abigail (9), Susannah finds herself daily confronted with her own shortcomings as a parent. Although she and her husband thank God for the amazing resiliency of children, she admits the two of them often look at one another and wonder if they shouldn’t start a “therapy fund” for the kids, instead of putting all that money into college savings.

Not driving a Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus in Arlington has helped Susannah to identify with the harsh reality of the greater world outside of the Metro Washington, D.C bubble and has encouraged her to show her kids the world. Next stop? Cuba? Cairo? Stay tuned…

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